Dehydrated Carrot Granules

Dehydrated Carrot Granules

With high quality raw material, under strict quality control, through a number of production processes, these excellent dehydrated carrot granules are obtained.

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Dehydrated carrot granules are main auxiliary material of various fast food products, which has a large market demand and is sold well both at home and abroad. I believe everyone often see this kind of dehydrated carrot granules in the seasoning bag of instant noodles. After rehydration, they had the same taste as fresh carrots, which was really wonderful.

The carrot raw materials used in our production of dehydrated carrot granules have extremely high quality requirements. High-quality carrots are concentrated in “three red and one fine". “Three Red" means that the epidermis, flesh (phloem) and stem are orange. “One thin" means that the stem should be thin. Carrots that are too big are generally not selected. Choose fresh carrots with orange-red color, plump individuals and smooth skin, and remove bifurcations, diseased spots, mechanical damage and small carrots. The selected carrot is put into a flowing clean water tank for soaking and cleaning. The spots, roots and sunken parts on the carrot are removed first, then the outer skin containing bitter taste is removed, finally the green top is removed, and the yellow core in the stem is removed. Only after a series of processing can such carrots get high-quality dehydrated carrot granules.

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