Dried Ginger Chips

Dried Ginger Chips

Our dried ginger chips adopt advanced technology and equipment, according to strict quality control, to achieve excellent product standards of high quality, pure taste and popularity.

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The dried ginger chips from our company are of good quality, spicy taste, pleasant aroma and are widely welcomed.


The edible part of ginger is fleshy rhizomes. Due to its rich gingerol, it has special spicy flavor, which can be used as spice, and can also be processed into various foods such as dried ginger and ginger powder. Now widely cultivated in tropical and subtropical regions of the world, mainly in Asia and Africa.


The processing technology of dried ginger chips includes material selection, cleaning, soaking and washing, slicing, dehydrating, selecting and packaging.

Our dehydrated ginger flakes require healthy ginger slices that are plump, large, and have no tender buds. The raw materials should be stored in ventilated places. in particular, anti-freezing and heat protection should be done to avoid damage to the raw materials, thus affecting the quality of dried ginger chips.

During the cleaning process, the main ginger piles are separated and the fibrous root, epidermis and deteriorated parts are removed. Do not hang into the meat layer when peeling, otherwise dehydration will expose the ginger fiber into fibrous root shape, affecting the quality. Therefore, the dried ginger chips produced by our company ensure that they have high quality and do not contain foreign impurities.

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