Dehydrated Ginger Ground

Dehydrated Ginger Ground

Our dehydrated ginger ground product retains the original natural flavor of ginger, is easy to store and eat, and can be produced according to customer requirements.

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Product Details

The ginger raw materials we use to produce dehydrated ginger ground require fresh yellow color, strong spicy taste, plump ginger pieces and good storage and transportation. The main raw materials are Shandong Anqiu Alpinia officinarum, Tengzhou Alpinia officinarum, Yunnan Alpinia officinarum, etc.

In dehydrated ginger ground process, fresh ginger is cleaned at least three times after entering the factory production line, then peeled and cleaned, sliced ( thickness: 1cm ), disinfected, re - baked ( temperature: 80 degrees, 12hours ), polished ( sieving: 10 * 10mm in diameter: 1cm ), selected, granulated ( drying thickness: 2 - 3mm ), demagnetized ( 12000 strong magnetism ), bagged and packed in boxes. Above After so many consecutive process operations, dehydrated ginger ground is finally produced. At the same time, quality inspection and control will be carried out in each process to ensure product quality.

The processed dehydrated ginger ground has complete granules, strong ginger flavor and good quality. Preserves the original natural flavor of ginger, and is convenient to store and use.

Product specifications of dehydrated ginger ground can be produced according to customer requirements, such as conventional specifications of 5 - 10 mesh, 8 - 16 mesh, 16 - 40 mesh, etc. or according to customer requirements.

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