Dehydrated Onion Granules

Dehydrated Onion Granules

The dehydrated onion granules are pure in taste which can be recovered by soaking in warm water and retain the original nutrients and flavor of onion.

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The dehydrated onion granules produced by our company are pure in taste, they can be recovered by soaking in warm water, they are fresh in all seasons, and they retain the original nutrients and flavor of onion.

Onions food including the dehydrated onion granules have antipyretic effect, which is determined by their nutritional value. Onions contain an oily volatile substance. Therefore, when we eat onions, we always feel a spicy taste. This substance can play a role in sterilization. On the other hand, onions contain phytoncide, such as allicin and so on, so they have a strong sterilization ability. Chewing onions food can prevent colds. It can also prevent the invasion of influenza virus.

The dehydrated onion granules contain trace element selenium, and their nutritional value determines its anti-aging effect. Selenium is a strong antioxidant, so eating onions often can have the effect of beauty remaining.

When cooking, add rehydration of the dehydrated onion granules and a little white wine in the hot oil, not only can prevent scorching, but also the taste is more delicious. Onions are easy to cook, so it is not advisable to fry them in a pot for too long.

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