Minced White Onion

Minced White Onion

Minced white onion is better than other onions in nutrition and more suitable for salad not too spicy with slight sweet.

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Minced white onion has light spicy taste. The raw material used is usually round, with a tan dry film on the surface, white or light green inside and light spicy juice. White onion is not hot enough and tastes slightly sweet, such as making a vegetable salad. In nutrition, minced white onion is better than other onions in nutrition, especially a long white onion called “health onion". In terms of taste, the minced white onion is not so spicy, tastes slightly sweeter, and has a thicker meat head. Usage: White onion is more suitable for salad, not spicy and sweet.

Among onions, white onions are the least common. White onions look fresh and white, and both raw and cooked foods are excellent materials. White onions can be used wherever yellow onions can be used. However, white onions are not as easy to store as yellow onions, and do not keep white onions in the refrigerator in order to prolong their storage time.

The most common way to eat minced white onion is to make western-style dishes such as Mexican food, dip in white juice, cook macaroni, raw salad, chili sauce and potato salad. It will make the dishes more delicious.

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