Dehydrated Chopped Onion

Dehydrated Chopped Onion

In our production, dehydrated chopped onion is mainly divided into two kinds of yellow and white.

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Generally, onions used to produce dehydrated chopped onion have three kinds of raw materials: white skin, yellow skin and purple skin. White onion bulb is small, white or slightly green in appearance, tender in meat quality, spicy and light in juice, good in quality and suitable for raw food. The yellow skinned onion bulb is medium in size, thin in scale, yellow in skin, white and yellow in flesh, tender and soft in flesh, less in moisture, sweet and slightly spicy in taste, and excellent in quality. Purple skin onion bulb is large, the skin is purplish red or dark pink, the meat is white and reddish, the tissue is dense, the texture is crisp, the meat is not as tender as yellow skin, the moisture is more, the spicy taste is heavier, the quality is poor, but it is resistant to storage. Therefore, in our production, dehydrated chopped onion is mainly divided into yellow and white two kinds.

Our dehydrated chopped onion is flaky, crescent-shaped and spicy. It contains more protein, vitamins and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and iron. After rehydration of dehydrated chopped onion, it mainly makes soup stock and processed meat floss, canned vegetables, canned fish, marinated juice and meat stuffing.

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