Dehydrated Onion Chips

Dehydrated Onion Chips

Our dehydrated onion slices are made of high quality onions and processed by leading international technology, they are pure natural products.

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Dehydrated onion chips are made of high-quality onions produced by green onion planting bases and processed by leading international technologies, they are pure natural products, this product is rich in various vitamins, amino acids, minerals and other nutrients. it has the effects of resisting wind chill, stimulating appetite, lowering blood sugar, lowering blood fat and blood pressure, and resisting cancer, it is a multifunctional health food.

Raw onions with rich meat quality should be selected as raw materials for production of dehydrated onion chips. Prior to dehydration, they should be strictly selected to eliminate diseases and insect pests, rotting and withered parts. It is advisable to have a maturity of 80 %. Those who are over-ripe or not should also be picked out, rinsed with clean water, and then dried in a cool place. However, they should not be exposed to the sun.

In the process of producing dehydrated onion chips, the dehydration of cell tissues causes changes in the chemical characteristics of proteins, this change can improve the flavor of dehydrated onion chips, increase the fresh sweetness, and is easy to preserve.

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