White Onion Powder

White Onion Powder

To ensure a longer storage of white onion powder, we use the package with excellent sealing effect of aluminum foil bag.

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Product Details

White onion powder is easy to absorb moisture, our packaging with excellent sealing effect of aluminum foil bag, to ensure a longer storage, but once the opening is very easy to harden, although the short-term does not affect consumption, long-term will occur qualitative change, should be eaten or sealed up in a dry shade storage.

White onion powder is very convenient to eat. In many countries, it is also possible to bake pizza and cook pasta. There are some foreign spices steak, such as rosemary chicken legs, red wine mutton, in the seasoning pickled can also play the charm of dry onion powder. Dried onion powder is also very suitable in Western-style soup, such as vegetable soup, mushroom chicken soup, potato cream soup, as long as it is cream flour thick soup, you can try it. If you can add a little cheese powder, it will be perfect!

The high selenium content in onion has anticancer effect and so on. In recent years, medical clinical and research has proved that white onion powder and other onion foods have a variety of high physiological and medicinal value, in the nutritional diet is respected as a multifunctional lipid lowering anti-cancer nutritional health food.

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