Dehydrated Pepper

  • Dehydrated Chili Slices

    Dehydrated Chili Slices

    For our dehydrated chili slices we choose fresh and full Chili peppers with smooth surface, thick meat, compact texture and less crude fiber are selected as raw materials. The dehydrated Chili slices are of high quality and pure taste, and are well confirmed by clients all...Read More

  • Dehydrated Pepper Granules

    Dehydrated Pepper Granules

    The dehydrated pepper granules from our company are good in quality and high in color value, have the competitive advantage.Read More

  • Chili Powder

    Chili Powder

    Chili powder from our company is made by grinding and refining high-quality dehydrated chili which we carefully selected, has the inherent spicy flavor of pepper and widely usage.Read More

  • Dried Chili Ring

    Dried Chili Ring

    Dried chili ring is a ring-shaped chili, and the whole chili is cut for convenience, which can be said to be a very common food eaten at the dinner table.Read More

  • Dehydrated Chili Chopped

    Dehydrated Chili Chopped

    Dehydrated chili chopped of ours not only keeps the right color, but also preserves the spicy and original flavor of the chilies.Read More

  • Dehydrated Chili Crushed

    Dehydrated Chili Crushed

    Dehydrated chili crushed is made of high-quality chili with inherent flavor of chili, preferably dry, with pungent dry flavor and strong spicy flavor.Read More

  • Dehydrated Chili Powder

    Dehydrated Chili Powder

    Not only fresh peppers, but also red pepper and chili powder are popular, especially dehydrated chili powder. Many people are fanatics of dehydrated chili powder.Read More

  • Chili Pepper Powder

    Chili Pepper Powder

    Chili pepper powder has the inherent spicy flavor of chili, and it is usually made of dried chili, mashed or ground into powder.Read More

As one of the leading dehydrated pepper manufacturers and suppliers for more than 15 years, we warmly welcome you to wholesale bulk high quality dehydrated pepper from our factory.