Dehydrated Chili Chopped

Dehydrated Chili Chopped

Dehydrated chili chopped of ours not only keeps the right color, but also preserves the spicy and original flavor of the chilies.

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Dehydrated chilli chopped preserves the original flavor of chilli and dries to dryness suitable for preservation. It not only controls the dryness of the chillies well, but also ensures the uniform red color of the dried chillies, which not only keeps the right color, but also preserves the spicy flavor of the chillies.

Our qualified dehydrated chili chopped usually uses the raw material which is dark red in color, red and purple in color. While some inferior dried peppers are brightly colored, some illegal makers use oil immersion to make the peppers look good, and this kind of peppers will be brightly colored. When we grasp the high-quality dehydrated chili chopped raw materials, we feel dry and prickly, and when we use our hands to stir, there will be a “rustling sand" sound, and when we gently knead the dried chili, it will break, while when we gently knead the inferior dried chili, it will feel soft and regain its moisture.

Dehydrated chili chopped is packed in a sealed package to ensure that they can be stored for a long time at a suitable temperature. They can be packed quantitatively according to customer's needs. Generally, 25kg kraft paper bags are used as external package, with PP plastic bags or cartons as inner package.

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