Dehydrated Pepper Granules

Dehydrated Pepper Granules

The dehydrated pepper granules from our company are good in quality and high in color value, have the competitive advantage.

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The raw material used for producing dehydrated pepper granules is good in quality and high in color value, and is a high-quality raw material for extracting capsanthin. The pepper production area that cooperates with us cultivates high-quality pepper varieties suitable for mechanical harvesting, reduces the production cost of pepper and maintains the competitive advantage of the pepper processing industry. By integrating the upstream and downstream industry chains, the production area has formed the whole industry chain of pepper planting, production of dehydrated pepper granules and extraction of capsanthin, expanding the export volume of products and increasing the international market share.

Dehydrated pepper granules and other pepper foods have rich nutritional effects, promote muscle growth, improve immunity, and have remarkable effect on healing, replenish iron, enriching blood and resisting aging. It has antipyretic and analgesic effects, and can prevent cancer species from increasing appetite, reducing blood fat and weight, resisting diseases, and promoting blood circulation. In addition, dehydrated pepper granules and other pepper foods also contain capsaicin, vanilla amine, citric acid, tartaric acid and so on, which can stimulate appetite and have a variety of useful values. It has the effects of calming nerves, calming nerves and enticing appetite.

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