Chili Pepper Powder

Chili Pepper Powder

Chili pepper powder has the inherent spicy flavor of chili, and it is usually made of dried chili, mashed or ground into powder.

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The raw material of chili pepper powder made by us is a light-loving crop, and lack of light often causes flowers and fruits to fall. In winter and spring, we should try our best to increase the light intensity in the facility. The land is required to be neither drought-tolerant nor water logging-tolerant, and the water requirement is relatively strict. It is like-warm vegetables, not resistant to frost or high temperature. Inappropriate temperature will lead to bad pollination. If the temperature is too low, flowers will not bloom.

If you want to improve the quality of chili pepper powder, you should also collect raw chili properly. Generally, harvest by stages is adopted. When a part of the fruit on the plant is red ripe, it will be picked first, and after a period of time, it will be picked after the other fruits are red ripe. This can reduce losses, increase the yield of red pepper and improve the quality of pepper to get good chili pepper powder. In the process of harvesting and shipping, handle with care so as not to cause damage and loss of pigment and nutrients. It is also easy to be quickly oxidized to yellow or yellow - white, and ascorbic acid becomes dehydroascorbic acid, thus reducing chili pepper powder nutritional value.

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