Agg Garlic Granules

Agg Garlic Granules

The Agg garlic granules perfectly solves the problems of garlic powder small partical size, large viscosity, poor fluidity, easy rolling into small balls, uneven mixing and small application range, act as our company's characteristic product.

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Agg garlic granules act as our company's characteristic product, which are made of dust-free and high-quality garlic powder in a high-pressure container and are made of modern technology and are convenient for consumption. 

Why need aggregated garlic granule? Garlic powder is small in particle size, sticky and poor in fluidity. It is easy to roll into small balls whether bottled or mixed with other spices. The mixing is uneven and the use range is small, so the price is very low and it is not easy to sell. Aggregated granulated garlic can solve these problems perfectly. The garlic powder is polymerized by adopting a polymerization granulation method to prepare garlic particles. The garlic powder is processed through the processes of raw material inspection, preparation of polymerization auxiliary materials, entering a granulation equipment system, polymerization granulation, screening, quality inspection of qualified products, finished product packaging and the like to prepare the polymerized garlic particles with high expansion coefficient and high value.


Like other dehydrated garlic, agg garlic can be widely used in processing various delicious foods, such as lightly fried green vegetables, barbecue various meats, and concocting various soups. Garlic stimulates your appetite, even more, the wonderful taste can make you have an endless aftertaste.


Qingdao Blossom Food Company has always adhered to science and technology to ensure quality. The company uses advanced production and testing equipment to maintain optimal quality, such as screening machines in the sorting process, color sorting instruments in the product classification, and metal detectors in the packaging process. Sincerely expect to cooperate with you successfully.  

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