Garlic Clove Chips

Garlic Clove Chips

Garlic clove chips are an important member of our dehydrated garlic series. You may easily be its loyal fans and can not extricate yourself if you tried them. they can enhance the flavor of an appetizer, can be added to any recipe to act as s suitable substitute of fresh garlic.

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Garlic clove chips are an important member of our dehydrated garlic series.Those friends who have seen and tried it have finally become its loyal fans and cannot extricate themselves. It is a great dehydrated garlic product.

Garlic clove flakes can enhance the flavor of an appetizer. When people use these dehydrated chips, they usually add them to any recipe, and the delicious food will appear in front of you in an instant. The disadvantage of using fresh or dehydrated pre-chopped garlic is that some cooks think that it is not always a suitable substitute for fresh garlic. in fact, this concern is unnecessary.

Garlic clove flake taste very spicy. When fried, the delicious garlic flavor will bring delicious food to many dishes. However, when you taste it, its rich and mellow taste is sweeter and velvet -smooth.

At any time you want to add rich and subtle garlic flavor to a dish. Garlic clove flake is a method that will not be unbearable. It is very suitable for dressing with Alfredo and other sauces, as well as seasonings such as dip sauce and hummus. when you want a subtle garlic taste without the unpleasant taste, it is perfect, for example, it is matched with mashed potatoes.

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