Chopped Garlic Cloves

Chopped Garlic Cloves

Using dehydrated chopped garlic cloves makes you do not need to peel and shred garlic yourself, and according to different garlic taste requirements you can choose different mesh product to meet your different cookings.

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The advantage of using dehydrated chopped garlic cloves is that you do not need to peel and shred garlic yourself in difficulty, and they are easy to save in your kitchen, it will last longer than whole garlic in fresh.

Some cooks are used to adding an entire head of garlic when cooking some dishes which need slight garlic flavor. This is not the same as using chopped cloves. Since the sulfur compound has never been released strongly, the whole garlic will only add a subtle and slightly sweet garlic flavor to the dishes. While using dehydrated garlic-chopped, it will release a little sulfur during stir-frying so as to make the garlic taste stronger. The smell of fried garlic cloves is more likely to evoke the taste buds of diners.

Do you like to add strong garlic flavor to your dishes? Or do you like it softer? Changing how finely garlic is cut is one way to control garlic taste. Experienced chefs choose different garlic cut sizes according to different garlic taste requirements when cooking or spaghetti sauce. In the same way, dehydrated garlics are also divided into chopped cloves or others, according to different requirements and different sizes cut out, choosing different mesh product can meet your different cookings.

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