Dehydrated Chopped Garlic

Dehydrated Chopped Garlic

To meet the growing demand of the international market for garlic highly processed products, we recommend our dehydrated chopped garlic to you, which focuses on our strongly supporting and devoted great effort and will take you some pleasantly surprised.

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Our dehydrated chopped garlic is the product that our company focuses on strongly supporting and devoted great effort in order to meet the growing demand of the international market for garlic highly processed products.

In the aspect of garlic deep processing, it is suggested to develop deep processing products suitable for market demand, mainly including garlic functional foods such as allicin, alliin and polysaccharides as main functional ingredients; Garlic flavor foods, such as flavored products with allicin as the main characteristic flavor; Garlic snack foods, such as odorless garlic products; Others such as black garlic, sweet and sour garlic, etc. 

Judging from the current market sales data, these deep-processed garlic products are gradually increasing, and the growth momentum shows no sign of slowing down. In comparison, dehydrated garlic products have not increased significantly at present. The vigorous development of deep processing of garlic is bound to digest a large amount of garlic raw materials, which has obvious influence on dehydrated garlic. How to optimize the structure of these garlic products is a topic that we need to discuss in depth next.

Garlic industry is a traditional advantage industry in China and an important condiment in people's daily life. Garlic industry plays an irreplaceable role in increasing farmers' income and employment of surplus labor and improving people's health.

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