Dehydrated Garlic Granulated

Dehydrated Garlic Granulated

I believe that our dehydrated garlic granulated will certainly make you full of praise and let you fall in love with food and cannot extricate yourself. As long as you don't refuse to try, you will definitely fall in love with it.

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garlic + dumpling

Dehydrated garlic granulated image often appears on the hearth, refrigerator and dining table of many families. The popularity must be due to the unique charm of it.

I remember when dumplings at home in childhood. My mother would yell at me to peel garlic cloves and mash garlic. I will carefully choose garlic, peel off the skin and put it into a garlic jar to smash the garlic into thin garlic paste, and then mix soy sauce, vinegar, oil and pepper, fried pepper oil and mashed garlic, the thick garlic smell suddenly filled the room and hung our children's appetite for dumplings high. Garlic granulated can be directly used to prepare this garlic paste, eliminating the complexity of peeling and mashing garlic. As soon as the dumplings stuffed with cabbage or leek and pork come out of the pot, we will rush like a few hungry wolves. Each person fills a small dish with mashed garlic, picks up dumplings, dips them in mashed garlic and puts them in mouth, biting them off, instantly feeling as if all the good things in the world are in your mouth, and happiness is bursting into the ceiling. To this day, I still think the dumplings I ate at home when I was a child are the most delicious in the world. Of course, now that technology has improved, few people go to peel garlic cloves one by one, and can use dehydrated garlic granule directly, saving time and effort and keeping the good taste unchanged.

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