Dehydrated Granulated Garlic

Dehydrated Granulated Garlic

Our company's dehydrated granulated garlic products have increased year by year in recent years in response to market and customer demands.

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In recent years, our company's dehydrated granulated garlic products have increased year by year, which is closely related to the changes in the market environment.

The main varieties of garlic exported from China are fresh garlic, dried garlic, vinegar pickled garlic, salted garlic and frozen garlics. Among them, fresh garlics and dehydrated garlics are the “main force", but in recent years, the overall export proportion of fresh garlic has gradually decreased and the proportion of garlic-chopped has gradually increased.

Dehydrated garlic in granule is the dominant product in garlic dehydrated serials; it is definitely the backbone in the garlics' big family.Our company produces the granules according to different mesh sizes, crowning all common market sizes. Satisfying the different needs of diners in different countries and regions, mainly because the various particle sizes are easy for clients to choose, and there is always one size for you. Another main reason is that it is indeed widely used. When garlic slices were supposed to be used, many chefs replaced them with garlic granule. Some dishes that should use garlic powder can also be realized with garlics granulated. Usually when people cook fish, meat and vegetables, they will add some minced garlic to remove fishy smell and taste, especially in salad, which can not only enhance taste but also sterilize.

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