Dried Granulated Garlic

Dried Granulated Garlic

Garlic was destined to have an indissoluble bond with most north Chinese, and they most like dried granulated garlic among the many ways of eating garlic.

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noodle +granulated garlic

As a northerner in China, I was destined to have an indissoluble bond with garlic in my life. Among the many ways of eating garlic, I like granulated garlic best.

In general, when I cook, the last procedure must be to sprinkle a pinch of prepared dried granulated garlic into the dish. The choice to sprinkle it at the end is somewhat exquisite. Because that if you put it in the beginning, it can easily be burnt. If it is put too early, the garlic flavor will be lost as the steam evaporates. Only by sprinkling it at the end and simply stir-frying it can you get out of the pan. The garlic taste and color of the dried granules are just right.

At work, I went to a noodle shop most often for lunch. Why do I have a special liking for this noodle shop? It's because there is free dried garlic granules there. After a bowl of noodles was served, a spoonful of garlic in granule was added and stirred evenly. The delicious food made my mouth water overflows at the moment. Over time, noodle shop owners all know my preferences, serving up the pasta I ordered as well as a small plate of garlic in granule. In my opinion, the soul of this bowl of noodles lies in the spoonful of garlics, which give the noodles the vigor of life.

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