Garlic Granules Dehydrated

Garlic Granules Dehydrated

These garlic granules dehydrated in full size can well meet most demand in the daily kitchen, different forms of garlic for different dishes, some need larger particles, some need smaller particles, some need very thin paste, and some need dry paste.

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garlic granules dehydrated

In daily, different delicacy need different forms of garlic, some need larger particles, some need smaller, some need very thin paste, and some need dry paste. This demand can be well met by using our garlic granules dehydrated products.

Some people cut and chop garlic directly with a knife. it may vary in size and splash everywhere, adding a lot of trouble to the kitchen. Some people use special garlic crushing appliances, but the different degrees of thinning of crushed garlic do not necessarily meet his cooking needs.

Cutting garlic with a knife should be the most common method. Cut the garlics repeatedly with a knife until it becomes a pile of small garlic granule of the right size. this is the driest because cutting garlic by knife does not destroy cells like other methods, resulting in outflow of cell fluid. The taste of hand-made garlic is the mildest, and its general garlics flavor is still preserved, but the most obvious advantage is quite troublesome. If the granulated garlic product is used, the operation is relatively simple under the same effect.

Garlic presser. Garlics are squeezed into various sizes of irregular garlic granule, and juice is splashed in the process of pressing. From the taste point of view, this kind of appliance is more exciting than manual knife cutting, and the tongue has obvious burning sensation after eating. If garlic granules are directly used, there will be no such problem.

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