Minced Garlic

Minced Garlic

Our minced garlic product is easy to use in most popular delicacies. It has mighty guarantee basing on the famous and certificated garlic planting base - Jinxiang country, which is pretty well a manufacturing base of one in ten thousand. and is the first county in China to produce garlic.

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garlic base- minced garlic

Our minced garlic product has ideal quick rehydration. It is easy to use in most popular delicacies.


Jinxiang country is pretty well a one-in-a-million manufacturing base, that’s the mighty guarantee of our garlic minced. Jinxiang county is the first county in China to produce garlic with an annual planting capacity of 30,000 hm². it is also the center of garlic price formation in China and even in the world. the garlic industry has been named one of the ten influential industrial clusters in Sadon province. Its garlic won the silver medal at the first China agricultural Expo in 1992.


"Jinxiang garlic" certification trademark was issued in industrial and commercial registration in 2000. In 2002, the county with the largest planting area won the Guinness world's largest. Approved the use of "pollution-free agricultural products logo" in 2003; In March 2003, it obtained the approval of AQSIQ to use the protective marks of geographical indication products in Jinxiang garlic. it and the European union reached a consensus on the geographical indication of Jinxiang garlic in 2009. the geographical indication was recognized by the European union in 2011 and became a powerful "passport" for the garlic to enter the international market. It supports our granulated garlic onto the ingredient stage and plays an important role.

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