Roasted Minced Garlic

Roasted Minced Garlic

Roasted minced garlic add more flavor to enrich the dimensions of garlic taste in your life. This roasted garlic product adds a smoky garlic flavor to the dish. Let garlic smell fragrant! The flavor of roasted grains is stronger than that of garlic powder.

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Roasted minced garlic adds more flavor to enrich the garlicky dimensions in your life. It adds a smoky flavour of garlic to the dish. Let garlic fragrant fill with you! The flavor of roasting is stronger than that of garlic powder. One of the great benefits of using toasted garlic granule products is that it can be seen in some dishes and does not disappear like powder. However, its production process is fussy. It is very important to control the temp. Only when each link is properly controlled can the ideal product be obtained.


During the baking process of garlic, a large amount of clean water was used to rinse and slightly warm the garlic, reducing the intense spicy taste of garlic and enhancing the luscious scent.


Garlic roasted is suited with almost any delight food. People use it to make garlic butter, mashed potatoes, pasta sauce, soup and sea salt (to make garlic salt). For mashed potatoes, some chefs suggest mixing in chicken broth, herbs or gralic toasted to perk up the flavor instead of adding in butter. 


The roasted garlic has almost no bad odor of garlic and good mouthfeel, and is especially suitable for taxis with bad intestines and stomach. “Love to eat, like living well, is a pursuit. People who like delicious food must not be boring.” If you love this toasted-garlic, you must be a guy enjoying life.

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