Fried Garlic Flakes

Fried Garlic Flakes

Fried garlic flakes are made by frying dried garlic slices in vegetable oil and then drying, more and more people have discovered its advantages of convenience in eating and good taste.

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In fried garlic flakes processing, garlic is cut into garlic slices and make it dried, and then fried with plants oil. the fried garlic slices show golden yellow color, and the original spicy taste are reduced greatly. at the same time, the garlic flakes retains original unique garlic fragrance , which can be used as seasoning, or can be directly made into various flavors and eaten directly. When travel or outdoor sports, it can be carried with you and enjoyed at any time.

Fried garlic is not only rich in nutrition and retain various proteins, amino acids and garlicin beneficial to human body in garlic, but also remove pungent taste and faint scent of garlic, and also have the efficacies of appetizing, lowering blood pressure, eliminating greasy and clearing mouth and the like.

When a few pieces of fried flakes are sprinkled on the food, it looks golden and transparent, smells fragrant and refreshing, and tastes gratifying and evocative. It is really bliss on earth.

The demand for fried garlic is increasing year by year. Now it is mainly exported to Japan, South Korea, Brazil, the United States and other countries for consumption as seasoning for western food and pasta.

Let's all pay attention to the development and it must will be subsequent glory of it.

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