Fried Garlic Granules

Fried Garlic Granules

The most notable feature of fried garlic granules is that it is easy to use, without losing the original fragrance of fried garlic, and is easy to store, is a excellent product in dehydration garlic family.

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Let fried garlic granules add a wonderful garlic taste and crispy taste to your favorite dishes. Fried garlic looks very beautiful. When garlic turns golden yellow, its color will be similar to roasted cashew nuts. The key is that the fried garlic granules have good taste and are very convenient to use. Therefore, it has become a necessary food on the dining tables of various countries.


When the fried garlic granules are made on many soups, noodles and dishes, spreading these garlic granules will make the delicious food leap out. Fried garlic granules are especially fragrant, which increases the fragrance and taste. At the same time, garlic ingredients greatly stimulate your taste buds. Aroma and garlic's original taste are important elements in cooking. This product is not only suitable for various recipes, but also widely used by all countries in the world. It has become my family's favorite, including my child who is so young just can walk independently.


Fried garlic granules are not only convenient to use, but also convenient to store. Unused fried garlic granules can be stored in cold storage after being sealed, and can be directly opened before being eaten next time.

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