Roasted Garlic paste

Roasted Garlic paste

Even to this day, my mind is always reminded of the bowl of handmade noodle and roasted garlic paste made by my mother which often ate in childhood. Therefore, no matter how far away I am from home, the sight of my childhood will always arouse my impulse to return home.

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Even though it is now almost the year of age of no-doubt, I often recall my childhood memory of garlic paste with mother’s handmade noodles. Take two spoonfuls of garlic sauce prepared with roasted garlic paste, add a little salt, drop two drops of sesame oil, add a little vinegar, then the coveted garlic sauce is ready. When the handmade noodles are ready, scoop it into the bowl and then add the garlic paste prepared before. Gently stir until the sauce is evenly spread on the noodles and then the garlic paste with handmade noodles is finished, now I could hardly wait to enjoy this delicious food and a great feeling with satisfaction spread to the whole body. The noodles are chewy and spicy with eggs and garlic paste, which makes me oblivious to my mother sitting nearby with a contented smile looking at me.


No need to tell the world that roasted garland sauce is good, but it is spicy and stimulating food, and younger babies can easily damage their intestines and stomach after eating it.


It is said that garlic foods such as roasted garlic sauce are also in conflict with certain foods. Although scientific proof is still needed, it is best for us to pay more attention to them in our daily life. 

roasted garlic paste

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