Dried Garlic Powder

Dried Garlic Powder

Many people fall in love with garlic because of the dried garlic powder. The most classic way to eat the dried garlic powder is to make garlic chili sauce, which is believed to be the favorite of many greedy guy.

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dried garlic powder + chili sauce

I was born in a rural area in Shandong Province. One thing that is indispensable to our dining table all the year round is garlic. Whether it's stir-frying or pasta, it feels less without garlic. The most common way to eat garlic is dried garlic powder.

In my daily life, the most widely usage of this garlic powder is garlic chili sauce. Garlic and pepper are very popular in my hometown. Our staple food is mainly Shandong pancakes, and the most common ingredient of Shandong pancakes is garlic chili sauce, and almost every housewife is good at making this delicious sauce, spread it evenly on the pancakes and then wrap it with a scallion. It really tastes better than any delicacies, peppers and garlic tease your taste buds together. It is enjoyable to eat and nutritious and healthy.


Moreover, this kind of dried powdered garlic is very convenient to carry, whether it is to go to school or to work far from, carrying with the prepared garlic powder and chili powder, mixed with boiled water, and then added with salt, vinegar and soy sauce to create a delicious taste. If it is matched with peanut chopped, it is so tasty. Moreover, these raw materials are easy to store for a long time, so the sauce can be eaten all the year round.

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