Granulated Garlic Powder

Granulated Garlic Powder

Please attach importance to resonable dosage when use this granulated garlic powder. About nine kilograms of top fresh garlic were asked to make one kilogram of powder, about 1/8 teaspoon garlic granules is equivalent to a medium sized garlic clove.

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About nine kilograms of top fresh-garlic were asked to make a kilo of granulated garlic powder. And please keep eyes on the dosage when eating, about 1/8 teaspoon powder of garlic is equivalent to a medium sized garlic clove.

In the past ten years, the consumption of garlic in dry has increased greatly. Various countries have carried out scientific research on garlic and its derivatives, including this granulated-garlic-powder, in order to discover the more medicinal value of garlic. In China's garlic production areas, more and more enterprises attach importance to the developing high value-added garlic commodities, increase technical investment and gradually promote and optimize the garlic industry to build a sound structure.

A study conducted in Britain found that pregnant women taking garlic can help the fetus gain weight. German research points out garlic can boost mood. People who often eat garlic will be significantly less tired, anxious, sensitive, excited and irritable. Indian doctors found that eating raw garlic can relieve joint pain, especially osteoarthritis. South Korean research points out that the pungent ingredients of garlic can protect the stomach and avoid a gastric ulcer.

There are so many benefits to eating garlic aliment. if you are afraid that others cannot bear the garlic taste in your mouth, you can also go to the pharmacy to buy garlic supplements so as to avoid the annoyance of bad breath.

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