Organic Garlic Cloves

Organic Garlic Cloves

Better organic garlic cannot be separated from the weed-fighting when garlic planting, using cultivation techniques weeding, Straw mulching for weeding and Manual weeding; Fertilization when planting organic garlic will also affect the quality of organic garlic cloves in the future.

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Good organic garlic cloves cannot be separated from the weed-fighting when planting organic garlic, which including cultivation techniques that restrict the growth and development of weeds (such as deep tillage and black film mulching) are used to control weeds. Straw mulching for weeding; Manual weeding; It is forbidden to use genetically engineered products and chemical herbicides to weed.


Fertilization when planting organic garlic will also affect the garlic quality in the future. We strictly follow the principle of using organic fertilizers, green fertilizers and natural mineral fertilizers and forbid the use of chemical fertilizers. The standard is to use self-made decomposed organic fertilizer or commercial organic fertilizer that has passed the organic certification institution. When using organic fertilizer that is prepared by oneself or piled up, it must be fully decomposed. Corn stalks in the organic base can be directly returned to the field. This action final goal is to comprehensively raise the garlic quality.


The amount of fertilizer used is exquisite, the nutrient of organic fertilizer is low so the amount of fertilizer used should be sufficient to ensure adequate nutrient supply. Combined with " strong seedling water" and "bolting water", the "strong seedling fertilizer" and "bolting fertilizer" are applied at the same time. Generally, 20 - 30kg of soluble organic fertilizer is applied at the same time per mu. The organic garlic produced in this way is the best raw material for the organic garlics.

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