Dried Garlic

Dehydrated Garlic Flakes, Granules, Powder, Paste; Including Fried, Roasted, Agglomerated, and Organic.
  • Dried Sliced Garlic

    Dried Sliced Garlic

    It is well known that garlic foods such as dried sliced garlic plays an important role in the field of dietetic therapy. Garlic foods such as dried sliced garlic can inhibit the growth and spread of tumor cells and cancer cells. Can expel toxin and detoxify, prevent...Read More

  • Dehydrated Garlic Chips

    Dehydrated Garlic Chips

    The material for dehydrated garlic chips makeing requires consistent varieties of garlic, with wonderful characters in full respect. In dried garlic chips process, the garlic skin can be peeled off manually or mechanically, The peeled garlic cloves are cut into 2-3mm thick...Read More

  • Dried Garlic Chips

    Dried Garlic Chips

    This dried garlic chips are slightly yellow, with beautiful shap, free of debris and peculiar smell, can be eaten or used as raw and accessory condiment for food. As long as it is immersed in warm-water, it can recover to be inherent.Read More

  • Garlic Clove Chips

    Garlic Clove Chips

    Garlic clove chips are an important member of our dehydrated garlic series. You may easily be its loyal fans and can not extricate yourself if you tried them. they can enhance the flavor of an appetizer, can be added to any recipe to act as s suitable substitute of fresh garlic.Read More

  • Garlic Granules

    Garlic Granules

    This garlic granules are made of high-quality garlic, it has authentic color, no black spot, water content less than 6%, sulfur dioxide content less than 50PPM, no pesticide residues, microbial detection does not exceed the standard, do not add any food additives, do not add...Read More

  • Granulated Garlic

    Granulated Garlic

    Blossom granulated garlic is ensured that the inherent flavor and fragrance of garlic are preserved, it is processed by quality-tested components and modular technology and they are provided to customers at reasonable prices.Read More

  • Dehydrated Granulated Garlic

    Dehydrated Granulated Garlic

    Our company's dehydrated granulated garlic products have increased year by year in recent years in response to market and customer demands.Read More

  • Dried Granulated Garlic

    Dried Granulated Garlic

    Garlic was destined to have an indissoluble bond with most north Chinese, and they most like dried granulated garlic among the many ways of eating garlic.Read More

  • Garlic Granulated

    Garlic Granulated

    China granulated garlic plays an important role in the international dehydrated garlic industry and has also become the single product with the largest amount of dehydrated vegetable profits in China. This is mainly because China granulated garlic has unique advantages.Read More

  • Ground Garlic

    Ground Garlic

    Fine ground garlic ask for satisfying garlic material locality. Our company is located in Shandong province because its climate is most suitable for garlic planting. And garlic roots are weak and the loam rich in humus and fertile is the best. So Shandong province has exactly...Read More

  • Crushed Garlic Clove

    Crushed Garlic Clove

    Although crushed garlic clove has magical effects, it is hard for many people to accept the strong spicy taste. Here are some ingenious ways to eat for your choice. The main thing is to develop the habit of eating garlic every day, the average suggested person can eat two...Read More

  • Dehydrated Garlic Minced

    Dehydrated Garlic Minced

    This dehydrated garlic minced is usually used with other seasonings to meet the needs of different delicacies. It has high flexibility in use and easy operation.Read More

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