Dried Garlic

Dehydrated Garlic Flakes, Granules, Powder, Paste; Including Fried, Roasted, Agglomerated, and Organic.
  • Ground Garlic Powder

    Ground Garlic Powder

    The ground garlic powder produced by our company is superior in performance and has the following characteristics: Because we have adopted innovative production technology, the garlic powder has good fluidity and special garlic fragrance. Garlic powder contains vitamins and...Read More

  • Bulk Garlic Powder

    Bulk Garlic Powder

    The bulk garlic powder we produce has good characteristics equaling to nature garlic. Has the faint scent; This kind of bulk garlic powder is often used as compound material, seasoning bag, sprinkle powder, flavored pastry biscuits, meat products and various foods. Science...Read More

  • Roasted Garlic Powder

    Roasted Garlic Powder

    When manufacturing roasted garlic powder, our company roasted garlic bulb slowly until it became caramelization and had a certain viscosity. Once they smell irresistible delicious and sweet, we will dry them and then grind garlic cloves into fine powder. It is a good...Read More

  • Roasted Garlic Paste

    Roasted Garlic Paste

    Roasted garlic paste is a good ingredient in the kitchen. Garlic paste is an irreplaceable seasoning for bread or sandwiches. Use it to add rich flavor to roast meat, prepare spaghetti, stir-fry vegetables or boil soup. And with roasted garland paste, the garlic paste is so...Read More

  • Roasted Garlic Sauce

    Roasted Garlic Sauce

    Even though it is now almost the year of age of no-doubt, I often recall my childhood memory of garlic sauce with mother’s handmade noodles. Take two spoonsful of garlic paste prepared with roasted garlic sauce, add a little salt, drop two drops of sesame oil, add a little...Read More

  • Roasted Garlic Spread

    Roasted Garlic Spread

    Garlic, the raw material of roasted garlic spread, has many nutrients beneficial to the human body, as follows: Carbohydrates participate in cell composition and activities to strengthen intestinal function; Protein promotes the metabolism of body cells and upgrades the...Read More

  • Dry Garlic Sauce

    Dry Garlic Sauce

    When some people once met dry garlic sauce, they will have an indissoluble bond in the whole life. There are many dumpling eateries in China. garlic paste will definitely be included in the dipping sauce prepared by all dumpling eateries for diners. it is formulated by dry...Read More

  • Dehydrated Garlic

    Dehydrated Garlic

    Our dehydrated garlic products are rich in series and can meet various needs of different customers and meet various food safety qualification certificates. Dehydrated garlic and other garlic foods are rich in dietary fiber and carbohydrate, as well as mineral elements such...Read More

  • Grated Garlic Cloves

    Grated Garlic Cloves

    Garlic foods including grated garlic cloves are a positive food even though with irritation. they have a good tonic effect on the deficient body and can enhance physical strength. For better eating the grated garlic cloves, here is a basic method of spaghetti. the whole dish...Read More

  • Roasted Garlic Head

    Roasted Garlic Head

    Roasted garlic head is the best raw material for boiling garlic Chili sauce. You decide the ratio of garlic to pepper or the degree of spice you want. When I was making a sauce I used a mortar and pestle to grind roasted garlic head and Chili peppers into powder. If you use...Read More

  • Organic Granulated Garlic

    Organic Granulated Garlic

    Our organic granulated garlic material organic garlic is produced and processed according to the principles of organic agriculture, the production methods and standards of organic agricultural products, and has passed the certification of organic food certification...Read More

  • Organic Garlic Granules

    Organic Garlic Granules

    Organic garlic granules are chased by the people enjoy high life. Due to the special function, organic garlic has become one of the ten best nutritious foods in time magazine. Organic garlic granules are often used to make some health food. the recently popular organic garlic...Read More

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