Roasted Granulated Garlic

Roasted Granulated Garlic

So many people love the roasted granulated garlic which have always used it instead of fresh garlic, it has good taste and is convenient to use. Roasted into granules, garlic has unparalleled deep flavor. No kind of garlic tastes as good as this one.

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roasted granulated garlic

So many people love the roasted granulated garlic we have been able to make, they have always been used to instead of fresh one, which has better mouth feeling and is user-friendly. Baking into granules, garlic has unparalleled deep flavor. I am sure you never eaten more tasty garlic-food.

Use this roast garlic in ground meat, marinade, salad dressing, or any other food that requires garlic. Try mixing these granules with pepper, leek, and mixing them with cream to get your own garlic cream!


Because it can resist germs and inflammation, eating moderate garlic at suitable times will make an anti-bacteria and anti-inflammatory impact, it contains a large amount of natural garlicin, which is a natural bactericidal ingredient and has better efficacy than penicillin. An increasing number of people have realized the importance of garlic in nutrition and health care.


In a kind of garlic restaurant popular recently in South Korea, nearly 90 % of meals use garlic for food, and most of them use a large amount of roast garlic. Whether you put crispy and delicious roast garlic in pizza, pasta and steak, or pour special garlic oil directly on seasonal ingredients, or even use honey pickled garlic with vanilla ice cream, whatever kind of garlic cuisine you choose, it is guaranteed that garlic addict will taste different Italian cuisine.

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