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Can garlic really lose weight?
- Jul 04, 2018 -

Garlic has good weight-reducing effect, which may indicate a new way for us to develop weight-reducing drugs later. A professor's research group in south Korea conducted experiments on animals and came to the conclusion. The research group conducted a four-day experiment on rats. According to the results of the experiment, rats that ate high-fat food and garlic juice gained 0.09 g of body weight per day, while rats that ate only high-fat food gained 0.20 g of body weight per day. However, mice that only ate garlic juice had less than half of the protein leptin content that could cause obesity than mice that only ate high-fat food. Some Nigerian scholars found that the cholesterol content in blood, liver and kidney of mice increased sharply after feeding them greasy feed for a period of time. When garlic paste is added to greasy feed, their cholesterol content will not increase any more. it is the enzyme that participates in the synthesis of fatty acids and cholesterol, and garlic just stops the formation of enzyme. Obviously, garlic has the effect of inhibiting obesity. Experts pointed out that the effect of processing garlic is slightly worse than that of raw garlic, but it is better for the body because of its weak irritation.

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