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Why do garlic rarely grow in greenhouses?
- May 30, 2018 -

Planting garlic in greenhouses is technically feasible, but economically infeasible.

Although garlic can be planted in greenhouses, garlic shoots and garlic heads can be listed one to two months in advance, even if garlic shoots are listed in March, when the garlic shoots stored in cold storage have just been processed, people's purchasing desire is not strong, and the estimated retail price is not necessarily selling well in 6 yuan / jin, which is about 3 yuan higher than that of garlic shoots conventionally planted in open fields ( take Cangshan garlic shoots as an example ) and can increase the income by about 3000 yuan per mu. However, garlic has better storage resistance and can be stored in cold storage for more than one year, and fresh garlic from the south will supplement the northern market, while the cost of cold storage and transportation is much lower than the cost of greenhouse production, so the sales volume of fresh garlic produced in greenhouse is not large and the added value is very low.

 Not to mention dehydrated garlic, such as dehydrated garlic slices, dehydrated garlic grains, dehydrated garlic powder, etc. These products are suitable for storage and can be supplied all the year round without being affected by seasons.

In this view, although planting garlic in greenhouses can increase the income by more than 3000 yuan per mu, the cost of building a large arched shed will be about 5000 - 6000 yuan per mu, and garlic farmers will not only bear the risk of natural disasters, but also increase the amount of labor. In a word, the practice is not worth the loss, so this planting mode is not worth popularizing.

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