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How to remove the garlic smell after eating?
- Jul 04, 2018 -

Garlic are high in nutrition, but in life, many people are afraid of eating garlic, because there is a smell of garlic in their mouths and they will not disperse for a long time after eating. Why does garlic have a special smell? after eating garlic, the oral cavity often emits an unpleasant peculiar smell, which is taboo in daily communication. Complete garlic is odorless. it is only when eating, cutting, squeezing or destroying its tissues. This is because the alliin contained in the whole garlic is colorless and tasteless, but there is also an alliinase in garlic cells, and when they come into contact with each other, allicin with a strong spicy smell is formed. Garlicin is the source of garlic's special smell.

In fact, some common things around us are the bane of garlic flavor. readers might as well give it a try. Some people will try chewing gum or tea to relieve their breath, but they still cannot completely remove the garlic flavor. Here, let's introduce a good method: after eating garlic, drink a glass of milk, and the protein in the milk will react with garlic, thus effectively removing garlic taste. However, when drinking milk, pay attention to taking a sip and slow down, so that the milk can stay in the mouth for a little longer, and it is better to drink warm milk, so that the effect will be better. In addition, there are some simple and easy methods to reduce garlic taste. For example, after eating garlic, chewing some foods with high protein content such as peanut kernels, walnut kernels or almonds, and combining the spicy element " propylene sulfide" in garlic with protein can remove the garlic flavor from the mouth. Gargling with vinegar or wine can also reduce the taste of garlic.

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