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Characteristics and Trend of China Garlic Export
- Nov 22, 2017 -

reference: cccfna.org

China's garlic exports are mainly fresh-keeping and refrigerated garlic, and its export volume has remained above 1.1 million tons since 2002, more than 1.5 million tons in the past three years, making it the single product with the largest export amount of vegetables in China. The second is dry garlic. In recent years, the export volume has also kept increasing in tandem with fresh garlic.

In 2015, China's export volume of fresh-keeping and refrigerated garlic reached 1.68 million tons, accounting for 86 % of the total export volume of garlic, and the export volume reached 1.7 billion US dollars, up 27 % year on year. The export volume of dried garlic including dehydrated garlic flakes dehydrated granulated garlic and dehydrated garlic powder was about 190,000 tons, accounting for 10 % of the total export volume and the export amount was 470 million US dollars. Other garlic products (including garlic made or preserved with vinegar or acetic acid, salted garlic, frozen garlic, etc.) export about 80,000 tons, accounting for 4 % of the export.

garlic export structure

In recent years, the international garlic market demand has shifted from direct consumption of garlic raw materials (fresh or refrigerated garlic) to a hierarchical and diversified development. China's garlic industry is also continuously developing garlic deep processing technology, researching garlic products with independent intellectual property rights such as garlic oil and allicin capsules, and actively pushing them to the market. Sales abroad are also increasing year by year.

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