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The effect of dehydrated ginger on the prevention of cold
- Jul 04, 2018 -

We all know that dehydrated ginger is a very common vegetable in dehydrated vegetables, but it is always easy to get sick when maintaining health, especially when it comes to winter. And according to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, ginger has the function of activating blood, removing cold, dehumidifying and sweating, especially ginger has the effect of gallbladder, stomach anti vomiting, odour and edema. When the winter comes, the pores can be opened, the blood vessels are expanded, blood circulation is accelerated, and the metabolism is accelerated, so a piece of ginger is included when going out. To remove the cold in time.

Moreover, winter is the coldest season of the year. If people can not resist the invasion of cold evil, they will easily suffer from disease. How to protect the cold in winter? Chinese medicine experts tell you a way to keep the cold out, that is, when you go out, you have a piece of ginger in your mouth, not only to promote the digestion, but also to keep out the cold. And when you go out, your mouth contains ginger, which can eliminate chill in time and make blood flow smooth, eliminating the discomfort caused by cold. This is because ginger is warm, spicy, ginger oil, and ginger oil, and vasodilators have similar effects, can open the pores of the body, expand blood vessels, accelerate blood circulation, accelerate metabolism. So, when you go out, cut the ginger into a small piece and put your mouth slowly to swallow.

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