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What are the garlic varieties?
- Jul 04, 2018 -

Garlic in China is widely distributed and rich in variety resources.

Garlic varieties can be divided into purple ( red ) skin garlic and white skin garlic according to the color of bulb skin. Purple skin garlic has few big cloves, with strong spicy taste and high yield. they are mostly distributed in north China, northwest and northeast China. they are weak in cold resistance, mostly sown in spring and late in maturity. the spicy taste of white garlic is relatively light. It has stronger cold resistance than purple garlic. it is sown more in autumn and matures slightly earlier.

According to the size of garlic cloves, they can be divided into two types: large-cloves garlic and small-cloves garlic.

According to the presence or development of young garlic shoots, they can be divided into three types: bolting garlic, bolting garlic, and semi-bolting garlic.

According to the sowing season and cold tolerance, it can be divided into spring garlic and winter garlic.

According to cultivation purposes, they can be divided into five types: garlic head type, bolting head type, early bolting type, seedling type, and processing type.

There are many varieties of garlic in China, forming many excellent varieties with unique characteristics.

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