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What is the effect of garlic
- Jul 04, 2018 -

The most notable function of garlic is its anticancer effect, but not many people know how to eat garlic. At the same time, it is also important to choose high-quality garlic. Here, we not only tell you the most anticancer garlic eating method, but also pick garlic coup, don't miss it.

The most anticancer garlic diet

Allicin has a certain stimulative effect on the stomach and intestines, and can not eat too much every day. Fu Jinru, director of the Tianjin nutrition society, explained that for people who have bad bowel function, try not to eat raw garlic, if they eat, it is best not to exceed 1 petals every day; a good person with good intestines and stomach is 3 petals per day. But the whole bite is easy to eat, so it is possible to pound the garlic and mix it with vinegar. This way, it will not eat too much, and it can also improve the taste and prevent the disease. Garlic mashed, can achieve the best health effect, garlic can contain alliinic acid and garlic enzyme two effective substances fully combined, anticancer effect is better.

It is also dependent on the season and the constitution to eat the garlic. Fu Jinru pointed out that summer humid and heavy eating garlic can remove dampness, but in autumn and winter, it is dry and easy to get angry, so it is best to eat less. For people who are weak and weak, you can eat some cooked garlic, such as roasted garlic, food or pickled garlic, which can effectively reduce the irritation of allicin to the stomach. It should be reminded that after eating garlic, do not drink tea immediately, it may cause stomach pain or indigestion.

So, how do you choose garlic?

The selection of garlic

Good garlic head: the size of the garlic is uniform, the garlic skin is complete and not cracked, the garlic flap is full, no dry and rotten, the garlic body is dry and no mud, without the fibrous root, no diseases and pests, no buds.

Second quality garlic: garlic is uneven in size, garlic is small, garlic skin is broken, incomplete.

Bad garlic: broken garlic skin, incomplete garlic, moth eaten, garlic leaves dry or sprouting, soft, yellowish and smelly.

The above is the best way to eat garlic anti cancer. Let's try it.

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