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What kind of environment does garlic cultivation need?
- Jul 04, 2018 -

The Jinxiang garlic base is located in an area with warm temperate monsoon climate, with four distinct seasons, sufficient illumination and abundant precipitation. The average frost-free period for the whole year is 211 days, the average sunshine duration is 2360.8 hours, and the average annual precipitation is 694 mm. the temperature and light are very suitable for the growth of organic garlic. The base is a well irrigation area, rich in groundwater resources, buried 10-40m deep, with good water quality and suitable for irrigation. The land resources are rich, the soil is mainly cinnamon soil, the soil layer is deep, the structure is good, the tillage layer is 20 - 30cm, and the organic matter content in the tillage layer is more than 1.2 %. Trace elements are sufficient and have good water and fertilizer retention capabilities.

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