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How to remove bad breath after eating garlic? US Scientists Find New Reliable Answers
- Aug 06, 2018 -

Source: Fruit Shell News

Do you like garlic? Garlic is delicious!

However, the lingering taste of garlic left in the mouth is a well-deserved social killer. I have a date in the evening and I dare not touch garlic all day. However, the weather was unpredictable, and ten thousand people accidentally ate it. What can we do?

In order to properly solve this headache problem of garlic flavor, American researchers have conducted special research on how to effectively remove garlic flavor from the mouth.

According to a study by the Food Science Research Institute of Ohio State University in the United States, garlic has such a vestige because allyl methyl sulfide in garlic cannot be decomposed during digestion, causing people to emit unpleasant odor when breathing and sweating.

Based on this, the researchers carried out the following three steps of research experiments:

First, the researchers asked the research volunteers to eat garlic raw and detect the concentration of sulfide in garlic that causes odor in the volunteers' breath.

Second, volunteers were asked to observe the effects of various foods believed to help eliminate bad breath and to record changes in sulfide concentration.

Third, find out the most effective one among all the foods detected that can remove the unpleasant smell of garlic.

The final conclusion is that the most efficient way to remove garlic flavor is to

- eat apples! !

Cheryl barringer, a professor at Ohio State University's Academy of Food Sciences, summarized the results of the study and said: " Further research shows that apples are rich in polyphenols, which can effectively remove the odor of garlic. "

" All foods that can effectively remove garlic odor contain rich polyphenol compounds, such as lemon juice, mint, green tea, spinach and so on, which can decompose garlic compounds that cause people to emit pungent odor. "

In addition, the study found that milk can also effectively remove the odor of garlic. 200 ml of milk can remove 50 % allyl methyl sulfide in garlic, and whole milk has better effect than skim milk, but - you must drink milk while eating garlic, and drinking after eating garlic has no effect.

Imagine " garlic milk" ... a little intoxicating.

Ok, now, the researchers have concluded that eating an apple can effectively remove the peculiar smell of garlic. Are those who like to eat garlic ready to try? Go and test it quickly. I'll wait for your feedback.

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