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White Onion Pinking
- Nov 13, 2018 -

Similar to garlic greening, if the white onion is chopped up or rehydrated of some dehydrated onion granules, dehydrated onion flakes and onion powder. and put on the next day, it will probably turn bright pink. Please refer the article “Garlic greening- Chopped garlic granules or garlic paste turn to green”.

I don't know if you noticed when cooking. Onions will turn pink after being chopped up for a long time. This is particularly evident in white-skinned onions, while purple-skinned onions are not.

Today, let's talk about why onions change in this color. Can you eat these foods that have changed color?

The research on Onion Pinking was carried out almost at the same time as garlic greening. Soon, scientists discovered that the two sources are actually the same.

Their initial process is exactly the same. It is also γ -glutamyltranspeptidase that hydrolyzes the polypeptide to produce PECSO. Then the pigment intermediate is generated by garlic enzyme catalysis. However, the enzymes contained in onion and garlic is different, and the final pigment produced is also different.

The process of onion pinking eventually produces a red pigment, which is also a sulfur-containing compound. In addition to onions, scallions sometimes have similar pink discoloration.

Onion turns pink only, whether fresh chopped onion or rehydration of dehydrated onion flakes, dehydrated onion granules and onion powder and does not produce harmful substances. It can be safely eaten.

However, onion can easily deteriorate if it is stored for a long time after being ground. If you find that the taste is wrong, throw it away quickly with or without color change.

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