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Why dehydrated vegetables are so popular
- Jul 04, 2018 -

Because of the improvement of people's living standard, nowadays people are not limited to seasonal vegetables. As a result of the development of science and technology, dehydrated vegetables are gradually coming into people's life. At first people are still more repellent to dehydrated vegetables, because after the dehydration process, the nutrition of vegetables is also lost. However, with the continuous improvement of dehydration technology, the nutrition of dehydrated vegetables is still rich in nutrients even after dehydration. As a result, people gradually accepted dehydrated vegetables, and dehydrated vegetables became popular.

Some people think that they can buy a lot of anti season vegetables now. Why do they need to eat dehydrated vegetables? First of all, since the vegetable shelf life is certainly not long, and for the workers who do not have time to buy vegetables every day, the choice of dehydrated vegetables is a good choice, because the shelf life is longer than that of fresh vegetables. Secondly, for large greenhouses where vegetables are widely planted, many vegetables are wasted every year because of the high yield and low price. If these vegetables are dehydrated to make dehydrated vegetables, they will not lose so much.

It can be seen that the dehydrated vegetable has a long shelf life, although it has been dehydrated, but it still has a rich nutrient value, and it is more convenient to eat. As long as it is immersed in the water, it will recover. For the busy working people, this dehydrated vegetable is the gospel. Compared with other fresh vegetables, dehydrated vegetables are characterized by small size, light weight and convenient transportation and consumption. When eating, it is not only delicious, fresh and fresh, but also can maintain its original nutritional value.

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