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Mamiao Town was awarded the title -China dehydrated Garlic raw flake material Market Center
- Jul 01, 2018 -

Jinxiang garlic is well-known at home and abroad, but there are also problems such as short storage and sales cycle and frequent price fluctuations. In order to solve this problem effectively, as traditional garlic planting trade area, Mamiao Town in Jinxiang County innovated the road of garlic industry development and walked out of a path from simple garlic refrigeration to garlic raw flake refrigeration trade. From June 23 to 24, at the 2018 China (Jinxiang) International Garlic Festival held in Jinxiang County, Mamiao Town was awarded the title of “China Raw Garlic Flake Market Center".

raw garlic flake

“By developing the cold storage trade of garlic raw flakes material, which can be processed to be dehydrated garlic flakes, dehydrated garlic granules, dehydrated garlic powder, the garlic sales time can be extended from one year to about seven years, so as to achieve inter-annual supply and demand adjustment, stabilize the garlic sales price, extend the industrial chain and enhance the added value of the industry. Zhang Jian, party secretary of Mamiao Town, Jinxiang County, told reporters that at present, Mamiao Town has eight large garlic storage and trading enterprises with a static storage capacity of 200,000 tons, which can digest 700,000 tons of garlic according to the calculation of 3.5 kg of garlic produced by 1 kg of garlic this year, and basically has the storage capacity to accommodate the county-wide dehydrated garlic products including dehydrated garlic flakes, dehydrated garlic granules, dehydrated garlic powder.

“When the price of garlic rises, garlic dealers can collect and store garlic. In a year when garlic prices are low, garlic merchants can collect and store garlic raw flakes material. Due to the storage time of dehydrated garlic raw flakes material as long as 78 years, the garlic market could not remain in a depressed state during this period, and garlic traders could timely Vendre." Shen Shifu, general manager of the garlic industry in Shimao Town, which has been engaged in garlic marketing for many years, said that the demand for garlic raw flakes material nationwide is about 200,000 tons each year, and the garlic raw flakes material trade in Shimao Town accounts for more than 90 % of the country's share, so that no matter the price of garlic is high or low, there is no need to worry about the problem of "selling garlic difficultly" and the interests of garlic farmers can be guaranteed to the maximum extent and the healthy development of the garlic industry in Jinxiang and even the whole country can be promoted.

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