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Japan initiated garlic coffee without garlic odor after drinking
- Oct 20, 2017 -

A Japanese man developed a decaffeinated coffee, which is made entirely of garlic but does not cause bad breath after drinking.

According to Kyodo News, the coffee was actually inspired by a cooking error 30 years ago when Japanese man YokiTomo Shimai scorched steak and garlic while serving guests in a cafe in Qingsen County. Later, he crushed the burnt garlic to be garlic powder with a spoon and washed it down in hot water for drinking. He unexpectedly found that it tasted like coffee with a bitter taste.


Japanese garlic coffee developer YokiTomo Shimotoi. ( Photo: Kyodo )

After retiring, Ji Zhi of Xiam2 began to further study this drink. After repeated attempts and failures, he concocted a satisfactory formula five years ago. This unusual drink is made by roasted garlic in an electric furnace, cooling, grinding into garlic powder and filtering out for brewing. Yoki Tomo Shimotoi won a patent in 2015 and opened a studio in Iwate County.

YokiTomo Shimotoi, said: " This is probably the first time in the world. It does not contain caffeine, so those who want to drink coffee at night and pregnant women can drink it. "

YokiTomo Shimotoi said that this coffee has the flavor of roasted garlic, but because garlic is roasted thoroughly, it will not cause bad breath after drinking.

According to reports, the coffee was sold in January, but can only be purchased through two souvenir shops in Qingsen County or ordered by phone. A pack of " coffee powder" costs 324 yen, about 3.90 Singapore dollars, and can be brewed into a cup of coffee.

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