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Haier cosmo plate enables agriculture to grow 【 transparent garlic】
- May 28, 2018 -

In March 2018, Mr Cao from Beijing ordered a garlic on Haier cosmo platform for agricultural internet of things. On May 22, when garlic was just harvested, Mr. Cao soon received fresh jinxiang garlic. Mr. Cao picked up his mobile phone and scanned the two-dimensional code on the garlic outer package. The screen clearly showed the garlic origin tracing information: the product came from Liu Sihai's garlic field in Yushan Town, Jinxiang County, and he could check the whole life cycle record of the garlic from one seed to the receipt of the goods. And it is such a " transparent garlic" that users can interact with garlic farmers and garlic fields at zero distance.

Mr. Cao said: This " transparent garlic" including planting, logistics and distribution is absolutely healthy and safe to eat. According to garlic farmer Liu sihai, if the garlic he planted this year is approved by users like Mr Cao, these users will continue to customize his garlic next year. For him, this is no longer a one-shot deal, but has more visible fixed users who can continue to interact with him to iterate his garlic products, and the prospect of increasing production and income in the future will be even greater.

In October 2017, Haier Cosmo Plat was already involved in the application of Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, big data and other technologies when the 1000 mu of garlic in Yushan Town, Jinxiang County was just beginning to be prepared for breeding and planting. For example, Haier COSMO Plat intelligent agricultural data visualization system is used to monitor the production process of garlic in real time, including environmental temperature, humidity, wind level, wind direction, light intensity, soil temperature and humidity, precipitation and other indicators. Through the comparative analysis of collected data and historical data in smart farmland, the harvesting time of garlic can be accurately predicted, providing a reference basis for local farmers and enterprises to evaluate market expectations. Meanwhile, according to the composition analysis of soil, it can provide visible evidence for scientific planting, ensuring the quality and high yield of garlic. Liu Sihai said that after joining Haier Cosmo Plate, the garlic he planted this year has increased by more than 900 catties as a whole. Although the market situation of garlic this year is not good and the price of garlic has also dropped to its lowest price in recent years, his garlic has been fully booked on the third day after harvesting and sold more than 1000 yuan more than garlic farmers in Linzhen.

The value of " transparent garlic" goes beyond that. Through Haier Cosmo Plat's enabling agriculture, jinxiang garlic, a green landmark food, will be sent to the user's dining table. Not only will local farmers increase their income as a result, but users throughout the country will be able to taste authentic jinxiang garlic of better quality from the country of origin.

According to the head of Haier COSMO PLAT, in addition to jinxiang garlic, there are more than 60 categories of millet, black beans, red beans and condiments on the platform, all of which are landmark agricultural products. On may 25, Haier launched the " create a win-win new ecology and a platform for thousands of products in 100 counties" at the conference " new ecological and healthy life in agriculture - cosmo platform for a win-win platform for rural revitalization", which will tailor relevant solutions for more agricultural products and maximize the interests of all stakeholders.

From the field to the user's dining table, the transparent view of the whole process is to enable agriculture with the industrial internet, reconstruct the agricultural value chain with the differences of the whole cycle, the whole process and the whole ecology, and create an ecological platform for all parties concerned. This is the essence of Haier Cosmo Plat's enabling agriculture. Haier COSMO Plat has achieved the " end - to - end" deep integration of online customization of healthy life and offline integrity of origin by means of Internet of Things and other technical means, overturning the traditional agricultural production and marketing model of decentralized and multi-layer consumption of benefits, turning independent links such as growers, food manufacturing enterprises, logistics and transportation, and community operation into a user-centered community. To provide solutions for users' needs, customize a good life and realize a closed-loop food safety and health system. I sincerely hope that dehydrated garlic products such as dehydrated garlic flakes, dehydrated garlic granules and garlic powder can also be connected with the international community through COSMO PLAT.

At the same time, from the government level, Haier Cosmo Plat empowers agriculture, realizes the seamless connection from a smart farm to a healthy family, and boosts the structural reform on the agricultural supply side, which will speed up the transformation between old and new energy in agriculture and jointly contribute to the revitalization of the countryside.

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