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Precautions For Storage Of Dehydrated Vegetables
- Jul 04, 2018 -

If you want to buy the vegetables that need dehydration, if you can't finish them once and for all, you should store them properly.

First, make sure that the seal is sealed. No matter you put it in a bag or a sealed container, remember to seal the mouth of the bag or the mouth of the pot so as not to get damp.

Second, place in a cool, dry place. Light, humidity and temperature are all likely to degrade dehydrated vegetables, so place them in a dry, cool place.

Third, when the consumption rate is slow, it must be put in the refrigerator. If a purchase takes a long time to run out, it is best to refrigerate it in the fridge, extending the shelf life.

Finally, it is also a reminder that when you choose to buy dehydrated vegetables, we must avoid the choice of inferior products. The quality of the dehydrated vegetables will do a lot of harm to the health. Our company specializes in producing dehydrated vegetables, with advanced instant sterilization technology and reliable quality.

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