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Korean garlic restaurant 【MAD for Garlic】 will be located in Taiwan
- Nov 25, 2018 -

Garlic addict! Hey, get up! 

In South Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore, the garlic - themed restaurant MAD for Garlic, which is not as popular as ever, is about to flag the Taipei Xinyi District for the first time in early January 2019 and open in the new department store Nanshan, which has attracted the most attention. Nearly 90 % of meals use garlic as the main ingredient for seasoning, including pre - dishes, salads, steaks and even desserts and drinks, which ensure that garlic is kept in good shape.


MAD for Garlic, which already has 40 branches in South Korea, boldly chose " garlic" as its theme when it started its business in 2001, not only because garlic is an indispensable part of Korean daily food, such as soup made with garlic in a pickle pan or Korean barbecue wrapped with lettuce and garlic, so it chose to use a large amount of garlic to make a Korean Italian dish, and the 40 branches used 15 tons of garlic in a month alone.


After a month of training in South Korea, Taiwan chefs cooked garlic in eight ways, including baking, saccharifying and frying. They specially developed a unique cooking method and used a large amount of clean water to rinse and slightly heat the garlic to reduce the intense spicy taste of the garlic and only retain the sweet taste. Bring Taiwan garlic addict the most classic brand garlic mountain sizzling steak, brand garlic flakes, Mexican chili anchovy spaghetti and brand garlic buns. Dehydrated garlic products such as dehydrated garlic flakes, dehydrated garlic granules, dehydrated garlic powder, roasted garlic flakes, fried garlic flakes and etc. can also be used directly.


Nearly 90 % of meals use garlic as a dish, whether it's crispy and delicious roasted garlic slices in pizza, pasta and steak, or special garlic oil sprinkled directly on seasonal ingredients, or even garlic with vanilla ice cream pickled with honey, whatever kind of garlic cuisine, it is guaranteed that garlic addict will taste different Italian cuisine.

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