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The Health Effect Of Garlic
- Jul 04, 2018 -

1. anticancer

Foreign studies have found that the sulfur compounds in garlic can promote the production of an enzyme or a substance called garlic odorin. By enhancing the immune ability of the body, it blocks the multiple pathways of lipid peroxidation formation and anti mutation, eliminating the risk of intestinal cancer in the intestines. However, it is not yet clear how many enzymes need to be produced to effectively exert the anti-tumor effect of garlic. In addition, selenium in garlic also has certain anti-tumor effect.

2. treatment for impotence

Studies have shown that garlic does have the effect of treating impotence.  Garlic is good for blood circulation, which is important for erectile function. What mechanism is, it is not clear now, the possible explanation is that garlic stimulates the body to produce nitric oxide synthase, which is an enzyme necessary for male erection. In addition, researchers have discovered that garlic can stimulate androgen secretion and increase the number of sperm through experiments in rabbits and mice. Modern medicine believes that blood health is an important factor affecting erectile function. Modern people often lead to problems such as hyperlipidemia due to bad habits. In a sense, this is the reason for the increasing number of erectile dysfunction patients. Eating garlic can promote blood health, improve blood circulation, and improve erectile function.

3. anti aging effect

Some ingredients in garlic have antioxidant and anti-aging properties similar to vitamin E and vitamin C. Recommended eating method: egg yolk garlic beauty and anti aging garlic can promote blood circulation; egg yolk contains rich vitamin E, can inhibit active acid, slow down the aging of blood vessels and skin. They complement each other, which can not only play a good anti-aging effect (blood vessels and skin), but also bring many benefits to the treatment or beauty of cold phlogistic. Production process: mix the egg yolk into the crushed garlic, and then fry it slowly with slow fire.

4. anti fatigue effect

Some people have found that pork is one of the foods rich in vitamin B1, and vitamin B1 combined with allicin, which contains garlic, can play a good role in eliminating fatigue and restoring physical strength.

5. protection of cardiovascular

The results of epidemiological studies showed that the incidence of death of people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases was significantly lower than that in the areas without eating garlic habits in the area where average daily garlic 20 grams per person were eaten.

1) resistance to thrombosis shows that essential oils from garlic inhibit platelet aggregation and prevent thrombosis.

2) the results of blood lipid reduction showed that the subjects consumed 50 grams of raw garlic daily, and the content of serum total cholesterol, glycerol three fat and low density lipoprotein cholesterol was significantly lower than that before the test for 6 days.

3) to reduce the viscosity of blood, there are many studies showing that smoking and drinking will increase the viscosity of the blood significantly, but if you eat raw garlic at the same time, it will partly offset this adverse effect.

4) lower blood pressure patients with mild hypertension, if you eat a few petals of garlic in the morning and drink two tablespoons of vinegar juice, the blood pressure of the hypertensive patients will be reduced after half a month. In addition, frequent consumption of raw garlic in hypertensive patients is also beneficial to lower blood pressure.

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