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The country's first garlic germplasm resource creation base has settled in Jinxiang
- Nov 15, 2017 -

Source: Qilu Point

On the 10th, the first China garlic industry innovation and development high-end forum opened in Jinxiang county. During this period, the first garlic germplasm resource creation base in China and the first garlic engineering technology research center in the province were also unveiled. China's garlic germplasm resource creation base has signed cooperation agreements with the Nanking Soil Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shandong Agricultural University, Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences and other institutions of higher learning, and will cooperate in the breeding of garlic varieties and the prevention and control of garlic stubble diseases in the future.

Zhou Tao, director of Jinxiang County Science and Technology Bureau, said that at present there are more than 70 garlic varieties discovered in China, each of which has its own advantages. For example, garlic in Xinjiang contains high garlic oil and allicin. However, compared with jinxiang garlic, its output and taste are not as good as those of Jinxiang. Next, the base will try to plant garlic varieties all over the country and popularize some newly developed varieties. At the same time, we will strengthen the investment and development of high value-added garlic products in Jinxiang, such as dehydrated garlic flakes, dehydrated garlic granules, dehydrated garlic powder, garlic paste and other products.

In a conversation with Zhou Tao, he revealed to reporters that in addition to cracking down on the cultivation of single-headed garlic, they will also try to cultivate " fruit garlic" in the future. “When I went to Shouguang to study, I saw the local spicy radish transformed into crisp, sweet and delicious fruit radish, and the market was also very good. " He said, inspired by this, they wondered whether they could improve the taste of garlic while preserving its nutritional value so that it could also become a favorite fresh food for the people after tea and meal. After discussing with experts from the Academy of Agricultural Sciences, this idea was also recognized.

"This idea is completely feasible in theory. " Malone Chuan, director of the garlic research institute in Jinxiang County, said that the seemingly mysterious" fruit garlic " can achieve the function of preserving the nutritional value of garlic and improving the taste as long as gene repair technology is used to control the production of garlic enzymes and thus effectively remove or reduce the pungent taste and odor of garlic.

In addition, black garlic is accepted by more and more people for its nutritional value and health care. People who often eat black garlic know that the single-headed garlic is more convenient and tastes better than the multi - cloved garlic, but its price is also higher. “Now the raw materials used to make single-headed black garlic are single-headed garlic from Yunnan, and the price per catty is about 12 yuan, while the local multi-clove garlic is only one fifth of a catty.” Zhou Tao said that cooperation with Shandong Agricultural University is planned in the near future so that Yunnan's single-headed garlic can also be planted successfully in Jinxiang, thus reducing the raw material expenditure of the single-headed black garlic.

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