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A roasted garlic met the passenger' emergency
- Jun 30, 2018 -

Source: Yangguang Network Jiangxi Channel
It is often said that this toothache is not a disease, but if it hurts, it will be fatal. At 0: 00 on October 29, the T167 train from Beijing west to Nanchang was running between Luohe and Wuchang. At this point, a man, clutching his cheek, came from the sleeper compartment to the dining car to find the conductor. The man grinned and said to the conductor that he had a toothache and asked if there were any painkillers on the train. After getting the negative answer, the man looked very disappointed. The conductor took out his cell phone and called the attendant at Wuchang Railway Station who was about to stop in front of the train, asking them to help buy two boxes of painkillers. After 20 minutes, Wuchang Station reported that pharmacies around the station were closed and could not buy painkillers. The man who was suffering from toothache suddenly banged his head against the wall of the car. 

Seeing the man suffering, the conductor seemed to suddenly think of something and immediately asked the dining car night shift teacher to bring a garlic head and lighter. The conductor first broke the garlic into petals, then strung a garlic seed with a toothpick, and roasting the garlic seed while roasting with a lighter. Soon, the garlic seed skin was blackened and smelled a smell of garlic. Then, the conductor peeled off the garlic coat and handed it to the man to bite him where his teeth hurt while he was hot. The man did not dare to enter for a moment with the scorched garlic seeds. But after hesitating for a moment, he may have been suffering from toothache. The man bit the garlic seed in the toothache. " This one roasted garlic can cure toothache? " Almost all the people present don't believe the conductor's partiality. However, only two minutes later, the man's toothache actually eased a lot. Seeing that the conductor's roasted garlic was more effective than painkillers, the man quickly asked the conductor to bake some more garlic seeds for him and asked where the folk prescription came from.

While baking garlic seeds, the conductor said that when she had a toothache when she was a child, grandma used this method to help her stop her pain. Only when I grew up, I never suffered from toothache and gradually forgot this folk prescription. I didn't think this old grandmother's folk prescription really helped the passengers stop the toothache today. 

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