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2018 China (Jinxiang) International Garlic Festival
- Jun 26, 2018 -
On June 23, the 2018 China ( Jinxiang ) International Garlic Festival with the theme of " Technology, Innovation, Development and Sharing" opened in Jinxiang, Shandong. This garlic festival consists of a series of activities such as the opening ceremony, the " online and offline" production and marketing meeting, the government cooperation meeting in major garlic producing areas in China, and the second high-end forum on innovation and development of China's garlic industry.
According to relevant officials in Jinxiang County, this garlic festival will focus on the " transformation of old and new kinetic energy" and highlight the leading role of " science and technology to stimulate garlic" in order to promote scientific innovation and development in jinxiang garlic, expand jinxiang garlic's influence at home and abroad and realize rural revitalization.
At the opening ceremony, Dai Zhongjiu, executive president of the China Vegetable Circulation Association, Alibaba Group, relevant leaders of Haier Cosmo Plate and Rub é n, mayor of Colta uco, Chile, delivered speeches. China's foreign trade transformation and upgrading base and China's garlic trading center were unveiled separately. Alibaba Group and Jinxiang County People's Government signed a framework agreement, and Jinxiang County People's Government formed a friendly city with Colta UCO, Chile.
State leaders of relevant ministries, associations, provinces and cities, experts and scholars in garlic related fields, county heads of major garlic producing areas in the country, heads of domestic and foreign garlic dealers, e-commerce platforms and more than 2500 news media reporters attended the event.

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