• Dehydrated Chili Crushed

    Dehydrated Chili Crushed

    Dehydrated chili crushed is made of high-quality chili with inherent flavor of chili, preferably dry, with pungent dry flavor and strong spicy flavor.Read More

  • Dehydrated Chili Powder

    Dehydrated Chili Powder

    Not only fresh peppers, but also red pepper and chili powder are popular, especially dehydrated chili powder. Many people are fanatics of dehydrated chili powder.Read More

  • Chili Pepper Powder

    Chili Pepper Powder

    Chili pepper powder has the inherent spicy flavor of chili, and it is usually made of dried chili, mashed or ground into powder.Read More

  • Dried Ginger Slices

    Dried Ginger Slices

    The dried ginger slices are yellow in color, smooth in surface, basically skinless and retain the original strong flavor of fresh ginger.Read More

  • Dried Ginger Pieces

    Dried Ginger Pieces

    The production of dried ginger pieces is strictly in accordance with the standard manufacturing process and the end products meet the requirements of food hygiene conditions.Read More

  • Minced Ginger Root

    Minced Ginger Root

    Our minced ginger root is mainly classified into different grades according to quality and can be produced according to customer requirements.Read More

  • Chopped Ginger Root

    Chopped Ginger Root

    The chopped ginger root packaging can be configured according to the retail requirements of the stores or clients with personalized management mechanism.Read More

  • Ginger Root Powder

    Ginger Root Powder

    Ginger root powder is a good ingredient to remove fishy smell, detoxify and help digestion. has the functions of stimulating appetite, eliminating intestines and alleviating indigestionRead More

  • Powdered Ginger Root

    Powdered Ginger Root

    To get better taste, powdered ginger root is often used for frying fish, cooking seafood, aquatic products, cooking or stir frying.Read More

  • Dried Ginger Root

    Dried Ginger Root

    The dried ginger root is the dried rhizome of fresh ginger, remove impurities such as fibrous roots and silt, soak slightly, clean, moisten thoroughly, and dry.Read More

  • Dehydrated Ginger Ground

    Dehydrated Ginger Ground

    Our dehydrated ginger ground product retains the original natural flavor of ginger, is easy to store and eat, and can be produced according to customer requirements.Read More

  • Dehydrated Ginger Powder

    Dehydrated Ginger Powder

    Our dehydrated ginger powder is cost-competitive and supply-guaranteed because our location is close to China's high-quality ginger production area.Read More