• Frontier Natural Products Organic Garlic Powder

    Frontier Natural Products Organic Garlic Powder

    In order to bring the qualified cutting-edge frontier natural products organic garlic powder into you dining table, we started the painstaking operation at the early stage of planting organic garlic,we strictly control quality from the resource, to get involved for guidance...Read More

  • Simply Organic Garlic Powder

    Simply Organic Garlic Powder

    For elegant simple organic garlic powder, the organic garlic planting rakes our brains, it is necessary to select high-dry-terrain plots, with loose-fertile texture and high organic matter content; , the harvesting of organic garlic should also be strictly in accordance with...Read More

  • Frontier Organic Garlic Powder

    Frontier Organic Garlic Powder

    In order to obtain excellent frontier organic garlic powder, we need to do our best when planting organic garlic; need full consideration to every aspect of organic garlic harvest; And it is better to dehydrate the garlic as soon as possible, storing it for too long will...Read More

  • Organic Garlic Powder Bulk

    Organic Garlic Powder Bulk

    The organic garlic powder bulk has promoted the optimization of blossom company products structure and manufacture standardization. it is an inevitable requirement for the development of our company's garlic industry and represents the direction of the modernization of...Read More

  • Organic Garlic Powder

    Organic Garlic Powder

    There are many delicious dishes processed with organic garlic powder. and according to one study about keeping in good health, organic garlic contain a capsaicin which can kill up to one-tenth of penicillin and has a good killing effect on pathogenic bacteria and parasites.Read More

  • Organic Garlic granulated

    Organic Garlic granulated

    Like us human beings, the growth environment and the way of education determine the children's future. In the same way, Well-content organic garlic granulated push us to follow the principle of "deep tillage technology and high-bed cultivation" when organic garlic cultivating.Read More

  • Organic Garlic Cloves

    Organic Garlic Cloves

    Better organic garlic cannot be separated from the weed-fighting when garlic planting, using cultivation techniques weeding, Straw mulching for weeding and Manual weeding; Fertilization when planting organic garlic will also affect the quality of organic garlic cloves in the...Read More

  • Agg Granulated Garlic

    Agg Granulated Garlic

    Agg granulated garlic has the characteristics of good fluidity and good filling property as a small retail package. The product keeps the original flavor and nutrition of garlic and is a low cost and high added value product. Its specifications can be categorized as 8 - 16...Read More

  • Agg Garlic Granules

    Agg Garlic Granules

    The Agg garlic granules perfectly solves the problems of garlic powder small partical size, large viscosity, poor fluidity, easy rolling into small balls, uneven mixing and small application range, act as our company's characteristic product.Read More

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